What is Frailty?

Frailty is a chronic condition of physiological losses across multiple body systems that ultimately affects function and cognition. The three components of Frailty include psychological changes, physical declines, and social disruption. Frailty scores can accurately predict the risk for rehospitalization and the potential for recovery. Individuals with a high Frailty Risk Score are more vulnerable to dependency, poor outcomes and/or increased mortality rates.

Strengthen your Knowledge with Frailty Certification

Achieving positive outcomes requires an interdisciplinary team approach to care and clinical decision support from best practices in geriatric medicine. Addressing frailty is essential to achieving improved outcomes.

 Frailty Icons Care Continuum Availability Available to organizations across the care continuum Frailty Icons Role Based Competency Learning  Role-based competency learning
Frailty Icons Self Paced Certification Program Self-paced certification program is available on-line 24/7  Frailty Icons Learning Modules More than 10 role-based Frailty Certification courses that address frailty

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Who should take the Certification Course?
Zone 2 Image  • Medical Directors/PhysicianAssistants/Nurse Practitioners
• Nursing Home Administrators
• Director or Assistant Director of Nursing, MDS Nurses, RN's, or LPN's
• Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapists
• Pharmacy Consultants
• Social Workers
• Assisted Living Leadership and Staff
• Certified Nursing Aides
Benefits of Frailty Certification

• Becoming Frailty Certified underscores your commitment to implementing an evidence-based, best practice approach.

• Positively impact Quality Outcome measures.

• Support evidence-based, frailty-Informed approaches to person-centered care.

• Implement practice-based learning and enhance knowledge.

• Support communication of patient/family goals throughout the interdisciplinary team.
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Frailty Certification Partners

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